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New Combustion Files

Published in 2005.

45What is fuzzy logic? - Members' Domain
282What is the zinc roasting process? - Members' Domain
283What is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)? - Open Domain
295What is the Rayleigh Criterion for Combustion Driven Oscillations? - Open Domain
296How do I apply the Rayleigh Criterion to suppress organ pipe Combustion Oscillations? - Members' Domain
297How do I apply the Rayleigh Criterion to suppress Helmlholtz cavity Combustion Oscillations? - Members' Domain
308What NOx sub-model should I choose for Oxy-Coal combustion modelling? - Open Domain
309How do I model ash deposits? - Open Domain
310What is a dust explosion - Open Domain
311What is the effect of O2/RFG on coal dust explosion characteristics? - Open Domain
312How do I measure pulverised coal char combustion in oxy-fuel atmosphere using IPFR/DTF? - Open Domain
313How do I model coal char particle combustion in oxy-fuel atmosphere? - Open Domain
314What radiation models are used for oxy-fuel combustion? - Open Domain
315How do I model mercury oxidation? - Open Domain
316How do I measure pulverised coal devolatilisation in an oxy-fuel atmosphere using IPFR? - Open Domain
317How may the IFRF Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor be used to derive devolatilisation kinetics? - Open Domain
318What is Oxy-coal Combustion? - Open Domain

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